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    Austin Wedding Venues

    Austin Wedding Venues: How to Choose the Right One for You

    So, you’re engaged and starting the process of planning a wedding. Congratulations! This is such an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful. Coordinating all the pieces of the puzzle that will become your perfect wedding day takes a lot of work! But it is doable, whether you get the help of a coordinator or manage everything on your own. One of the most important factors you must decide (and quick!) is where to have your wedding. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing Austin wedding venues to choose from! Narrowing your choice down to the right one for YOU is the difficult part.

    Austin Wedding Venues: Which One is Right for You?

    We know how important it is to find the wedding venue that is right for you. We’re here to help! Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can be accomplished by following these simple, but important tips:


    Decide Your Location

    First, you need to decide which location is right for you. We are lucky that we have so many diverse Austin wedding venues! But it can also be challenging to narrow down your perfect location. Do you prefer the city? Will you need to be closer to the outskirts, like in Round Rock or Bastrop? Do you dream of a wedding near the water? Or is your perfect location the beauty of the Hill Country?

    The Arlo is one of the most beautifully unique Austin wedding venues. Located only 20 minutes from downtown Austin, the Arlo offers the convenience of being close to the city. However, it’s also nestled snugly in the heart of Dripping Springs, offering the privacy, charm, and beautiful views of the Hill Country. If you are looking for elegant sophistication, modern style, and the beauty of nature to be the backdrop for your perfect day, The Arlo is the perfect location for you!


    Know Your Budget

    Ugh…budgeting! Wouldn’t it be nice if brides didn’t have to worry about keeping a budget? While it’s not the most fun part of planning a wedding, making (and sticking to) a budget is a very important part of the process. One of the first questions you should ask when investigating a wedding venue is what the space will cost. Keep in mind that many Austin wedding venues have different rates for different days of the week. If you can be flexible with your date, you may save a few hundred (or more) dollars by getting married on a weekday or Sunday.

    Many Austin wedding venues, including The Arlo, will also include amenities that would otherwise cost you more to rent, such as tables and chairs. This is certainly something you should inquire about on your hunt for the perfect wedding venue. Any way that you can save a few dollars will help keep you on track with your budget!


    Determine the Appropriate Capacity

    You will need to have a pretty solid idea of how many guests you plan to invite to your wedding. All venues will have capacity limits, and some may have various event spaces that can accommodate a different number of guests.

    At The Arlo, there are several indoor and outdoor spaces that are suitable for wedding that range from 50-250 people. From small, intimate gatherings to bigger, more boisterous celebrations, The Arlo has a space that will work for your wedding day.


    Know Your Style

    Knowing the style you want for your wedding is key to finding the perfect venue. Is your vibe a little boho and free spirited? Is it more traditional? Are you hoping to have a low-key feel? Or are you leaning toward a modern, elegant affair? There are many Austin wedding venues that fit most brides’ needs. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect vibe for your particular style!

    At The Arlo, we have achieved the perfect balance of simple, modern, and elegant, but with all the charm and warmth of the Texas Hill Country. We are truly a unique venue because our event space is so versatile that we can accommodate just about any style a bride could want. From simple and sweet to modern and elegant, The Arlo provides the perfect foundation for you to create your uniquely crafted wedding.


    Find Out What’s Included

    As mentioned above, many wedding venues will include amenities such as tables, chairs, and other basic essentials for their brides. However, there are those venues that don’t include anything other than the space itself. It is important to make sure you are fully aware of what is or is not included in the venues you are researching. And if they do include some amenities, do those items fit your wedding’s style? Make sure you find out everything that is included so that you can better determine what else you may need to fit into your budget.


    Availability Is Key

    One of the most important questions you will need answered when visiting Austin wedding venues is whether it’s available on your chosen date. It is heartbreaking to find the perfect venue just to find out it is completely booked out! Start looking at venues well in advance of your wedding date. Many venues book a year or more in advance; the earlier you can book your perfect space, the better!


    Determine Any Restrictions

    Some Austin wedding venues will have restrictions that you should be aware of before you make your final decision. Does the venue have vendor restrictions, such as exclusive caterers or rental companies they work with? Does the venue have a specified “shut down” time for their events? Are there limitations on alcohol or live bands? Knowing these restrictions will help you determine whether that particular venue is right for your wedding.


    Figure Out Accommodations

    Although the actual wedding itself (and the party to follow) is what most couples focus on when planning, you should also consider the accommodations that will matter before the big event. The bride and groom will likely spend a considerable amount of time prior to the wedding getting ready (and calming nerves!). You will want to make sure you have adequate space for the bridal party and all of their essentials. Also, consider if you will need a private room for guests who may have small children (like a mom who needs to nurse or a baby who is upset).


    At The Arlo, the bridal suite is quite the luxury! Featuring wide, open space with plush couches and a private fireplace, the bridal suite provides plenty of space for the bride and all her bridesmaids and attendants. Bathed in natural light, all of the ladies can prepare at the spacious make-up counter or relax with a glass of wine at the bar. The groom and his men will be similarly accommodated in a private groom’s cottage. Featuring comfortable leather couches, a full kitchen, and two separate showers, the guys will have everything they need to relax, unwind, and prepare for the big day ahead. You simply can’t beat the incredible accommodations provided at The Arlo!


    Plan for Parking/Transportation

    Finally, you will need to consider whether the venues you are checking out have appropriate parking for your guests. If you will need to bus people from various hotels, you may also need to make sure the venue can accommodate bus transportation. Many Austin wedding venues have inadequate parking spaces or nothing but dirt roads (I mean, we are in Texas!). While this may not be an issue for some brides, others may prefer the ease and comfort of paved and plentiful parking spaces. At The Arlo, we have 120 paved parking spaces for your guests use. The Arlo is also fully equipped for all types of transportation, including an easy way for buses or limousines to get in and out of the gated property quickly and efficiently.

    Picking the perfect Austin wedding venue can be one of the more challenging, but also most exciting, parts of planning your dream wedding. Hopefully, these tips will help you get started in your search. Happy wedding planning!

    The Arlo


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