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    Ideas for Planning a Cozy Winter Wedding in Texas

    Planning a Texas wedding is exciting no matter what the season. But a Texas wedding in winter just has something special about it. With our short, mild winters, most winter brides can bet on having pretty beautiful weather, even in the coldest of months here in Texas. And here in the Hill Country, our Austin wedding venues are beyond compare for coziness, charm, and beauty. Whether you’re planning a rustic barn theme or a modern, minimalist event, adding cozy touches will elevate your wedding to a magical affair!

    Tips for Planning a Cozy Winter Wedding

    If you are planning a winter wedding in Texas, you’re sure to want to make it as cozy as you can for yourself and your guests. Here are some tips for creating a cozy winter wedding with an abundance of Texas charm:

    Comfort Food Menu

    There’s nothing like a warm plate of comfort food to make your guest feel cozy on a winter night in Texas. And Texas is known for its amazing comfort food. From the world’s best BBQ to spicy and delicious Tex-Mex, you will not have any problems creating a wedding menu that features some of the South’s most delicious staples. Your dessert table can also feature some Texas charm with the addition of pecan pies and berry cobblers with Bluebell ice cream. And don’t forget to offer your guests a variety of Texas-brewed beers, wines, and spirits! They’re plentiful, especially in the Austin area, where you can’t drive two miles without finding a brewery or distillery!

    Serve Delicious Warm Drinks

    Create a specialty drink menu of warm cocktails for your guests to enjoy during happy hour and beyond. Hot drinks are the perfect way for your guest to ward of the chill of the evening before and after your wedding. You can serve hot cocoa or hot cider for guests who don’t want to partake in the spiked versions.

    Arrange Guest Lodging in Cozy Places

    Hotels are nice, but there’s something extra cozy about staying somewhere a little more private when you’re traveling for a wedding. Luckily, many Austin wedding venues are near a variety of cozy guest cottages and boutique hotels that can offer your guests a more private, cozy, cottage feel to their weekend getaway. There may even be a few quaint Air B-N-B’s around your wedding location that your guests would love! Be sure to book them early!

    Make Cozy Wedding Favors

    Wedding favors aren’t always given out these days, but if you do decide to go that route, why not make them cozy, too? Perhaps stuff some mini-mittens with a scratch-off lotto card? Or make your guests a DIY hot cocoa kit? Speaking of cocoa, hot chocolate bombs are all the rage these days and they would make a perfect cozy gift. If you want to go all out, giving your guests a beautiful scarf, wrap, or throw is a great idea.

    Make Use of Firepits, Fireplaces, and Heaters

    Whether your ceremony or reception is indoors or outdoors, you will inevitably have guests who will be milling about outside. And why shouldn’t they? If you have your wedding in the Hill Country, who can resist going to check out those stars? Make sure your guests stay toasty warm by utilizing heat lamps, firepits, and fireplaces (if your venue has them). At the Arlo, our beautiful fireplace is a central feature out on our back lawn. It is the perfect place for guests to cozy up by the fire and sip their hot toddy!

    Incorporate Winter Greenery into Décor

    Greenery is gorgeous any time of year. But a winter wedding is the perfect time to incorporate all those evergreens into you wedding décor. Add a few garlands across the fireplace mantle or down the tables as a runner. Add a few sprigs to the bouquets and boutonnieres. Have your florist create a winter greenery arch or centerpieces. The sky is the limit, but you will never be disappointed in the warmth and beauty that greenery will add to your wedding.

    Cozy Up the Ambiance with Candles

    There is nothing cozier, or more romantic, than a room filled with candlelight. Up your ambiance game by lining your tables with beautiful, warm candles. Or make use of lanterns in your décor. Just be sure your venue allows candles in case you need to swap the real thing for realistic battery-operated versions.

    Play with Plaid

    Plaid is one of the coziest fabrics and a staple in wintertime! Why not gift your bridesmaids with matching flannel pajamas? Or have them wear beautiful cozy flannel robes while you’re preparing for the big day. You could even use hints of plaid in your reception décor! Whether you’re using a bold pattern like buffalo check or a subtle tartan print, plaid will add a definite cozy factor to your big day.

    Set Up a Hot Chocolate Station

    Your guests will be delighted by a surprise hot chocolate station at their disposal during your reception! Transform a vintage sideboard into a delicious drink station filled with cocoa, kettles of hot water, peppermints, sprigs of mint, and cinnamon sticks. It will likely be the most popular spot in the room (maybe a close second to the bar!).

    All The Twinkle Lights

    No winter wedding would be complete without the warm sparkling glow of twinkle lights. You can incorporate them into your wedding décor or hang them from trees outside. At The Arlo, we have the most amazing oak trees that look absolutely magical dressed in twinkle lights. Your wedding will become a Texas winter wonderland, full of magic, love and light!

    Hopefully some of these ideas will help you get started creating the perfect cozy winter wedding of your dreams. There is nothing like a Texas wedding. But a Texas wedding in winter has all the charm and coziness a bride can ask for, especially here in the beautiful Hill Country.


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